The Lyon’s – A Colorado Family

The Lyon Family spends many nights a year camping off of the beaten path. They are a family of 3, with a 7 year old son living in Golden, Colorado.

Some of their areas of interest include photography, exploring the back roads and trails of Colorado, rock climbing, backpacking, and skiing.

A quote from Torsten … “We aren’t big off-roaders and aren’t big in to rock crawling.  However, we like a rig that will take us to the end of the road and get us away from the crowds.  This is our first camper, and we pursued it for the heater (so that we can start the season earlier and go later in to the fall), and to make it easier to get out and play.  It replaces our ’95 4Runner that served us well throughout the 15 years we owned it.  We have a 7 year old son and started camping with him when he was 3 months old.  He has now spent over 300 nights out and been on 15 backpack trips.”



Truck: 2011 Toyota Tacoma CrewCab w/ Shorter 5′ Bed

Camper:  Four Wheel Pop-up Camper Finch Model

Rear Suspension Upgrade

Upgraded Tires