Tom – Professor, UC Davis

Tom Hann

Tom Hahn is a biology professor at the University of California, Davis. He spends some of his days in the classroom teaching, and the rest of his time is focused on his field research on birds. He has mentioned several times that he really wished he had known about Four Wheel Campers when he was a struggling graduate student and a young professor. Through his travels studying birds in several different states, he has spent years out in the field sleeping in the back of a pickup under a cold, leaky camper shell or in a tent. Those uncomfortable nights are long gone, now that he has his Raven Shell Model for camping, fishing with his son, and his research trips to Wyoming, Oregon and Washington. He particularly likes being able to pull into a remote campsite in the dark, pop up the camper, and be in his sleeping bag within a few minutes, regardless of weather.  He resides in Davis, California with his wife & son.


Truck:  Chevy 1500, 4×4

Camper:  Raven Shell Model

Suspension Upgrade:  SuperSprings

Tires:  Upgrade to “E” Rated Tires