Robert – Architect

Robert Sampson

Rob & Winne the Pug are ready for just about any adventure, no matter traveling by land, or by sea. A resident of the Bay Area (Los Altos, CA), Rob is an Architect and is fascinated how small spaces can be maximized. Either on his boats, or inside the camper, he has learned to stay organized and pack light for his trips. When original shopping for a pop-up truck camper he was worried about having too much weight in his 1/2 ton Toyota Tundra. He chose the compact Raven Model to help keep the camper on the lightweight side of things, and also to fit his crewcab truck best. On some trips he will spend couple days camping in his pop-up camper, and then a few days camping on the boat. Besides working as a full time Architect, Rob is also a volunteer for the summer visitors program at the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton.


Truck:  2007 Toyota Tundra, CrewMax, Short 5′ 8″ Bed

Camper:  2012 Four Wheel Camper, Raven Model

Suspension Upgrade:  Air Bags